About Atiyeh Salem


A podiatrist with Medical & Foot Care Group in Palos Heights, Illinois, Dr. Atiyeh Salem engages in humanitarian work around the world. He supports organizations ranging from the Lung Foundation and the American Cancer Society to the March of Dimes and the Salvation Army. Moreover, Dr. Atiyeh Salem has donated to Food for the Poor and the Breast Cancer Society. He also contributes his medical expertise to amputees and other individuals requiring a podiatrist.

A supporter of the Arab American Business and Professional Association, the Medical Relief Fund, and the Arab American Medical Association, Dr. Atiyeh Salem has contributed to the Palestinian Relief Fund and the Holy Land Fund.

Moreover, Dr. Salem has lectured to the SANAD Foundation, the Palestinian Diabetes Institute in Jerusalem, and to individuals in need in more than 20 rural villages throughout the West Bank of Palestine. Moreover, he has donated vital medical equipment to local hospitals and the West Bank’s Hebron Medical Society.

An author, he wrote the book Herbal Medicine – The Alternative Treatment, which was nominated as on one of the “Best Books of 2010” at the Dubai Book Festival. He is also the author of the forthcoming publications Poetry from the Heart; Diet and Nutrition; and The Rough Road: From the Camp to the Diaspora, an autobiography that details his life as a refugee.


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